Every day is a wonder in this space of living nature. The garden gives us so much satisfaction that we want to share it here. Facing due south, under the influence of the mild sea and protected from the prevailing winds, it is almost every day that it gives us new flowers.


Allium ursinum, wild garlic 05/05/2019                                             Chelidonium, celandines 05/05/2019


Leptospermum scoparium, tea trees 03/05/2019                                Aquilegia, columbine 03/05/2019


Convallaria majalis, lily of the valley 01/05/2019                         Syringa vulgaris, common lilac 01/05/2019


Antihirrhinum, snapdragon, 24/804/2019


Iridaceae, iris, 22/04/2019


Lunaire annua, honesty, 20/04/2019                                             Wisteria,  20/04/2019


Tulipa, tulip 18/04/2019                                                                  Thymus, thyme 18/04/2019


Erysimum? or Matthiola ?,  13/04/2019


Prunus serasus, dwarf cherry 08/04/2019                                hyacinthoides non-scripta, bluebells 08/04/2019


Allium triquetrum, tree-cornered leek, 26/03/2019


Ceanothus, blue blossom ceanothus, 19/03/2019


Prunus persica, peach tree 08/03/2019


Muscari botryoides, grape-hyacinth 03/03/2019


Bryum argenteum sporogon, silver moss 01/03/2019


Crosus 28/02/2018


Hyacinthus, hyacinth 24/02/2019


Narcissus,daffodils 20/02/2019


Primula vulgaris, primerose 15/02/2019


Anisodontea, malvaceae 11/02/2019


Calendula officinalis, marigold 03/02/2019


Vinca, periwinkle 25/01/2019


Chaenomeles japonica, maule’s quince 17/01/2019


Choisya ternata, mexican orange tree, 09/01/2019


Rose 07/01/2019


Callistemon laevis, 10/12/2018


Pirus, peer try 15/03/2018


Acacia dealbata, Mimosa 17/01/2018